4K Resolution

After a brief hiatus, I have returned to working on this project. The ITP thesis process was intense and I needed some time to get my life back in order.

My first order of business was to create high resolution 360 style transfers. Previously, all of the 360 images on this site provided 2.5K resolution. Now all but one of them are in 4K.

These were created using cloud computing because higher-end machines are necessary. As resolution increases, both memory and execution time scale with \(O(n^2)\) complexity.

To push the limits of my code I also created 8K and 16K resolution style transfers. I'm glad I did that because at 8K I found a bug I wouldn't have found any other way. I can't present either in A-Frame, however, because the files are too big and provide more resolution that would be necessary for any current 360 viewer. I'll save that for later on this summer when I redesign this website using other 360 tools.

This week I also experimented with style transfer videos. The experiment was a success but there were some unexpected problems that I want to fix before sharing. So, you'll have to wait to see this.

Next steps for me are to redesign this website and continue experimenting with 360 video.


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